What is a Filler?                                              Filler injections are composed of Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our body. Small amounts of filler gel are injected into the skin or below it to add fullness, or volume to the soft tissues that are 'hollowed out' by age. Fillers are also useful to treat static wrinkles and folds.

What is the ideal age to take a Filler?                                                                                              Filler can be done for anyone who would benefit by it cosmetically, irrespective of the age. As a thumb rule though, most people above 40 years of age would benefit by it, and it may be performed as early as the 30's or earlier, depending on the person's needs.


Filler injections are performed as an outpatient procedure in the clinic. Specially designed ultra fine needles or cannulas are used, to deposit the filler in the right tissue planes. Anaesthesia cream is applied 20 minutes prior to make it painless.
There is minimal downtime, with occasional bruising, and soreness lasting for a day or two. You can, return to work immediately.

Duration of Effect                                                                                                                              The results of Filler injections are instantaneous, and last upto a year. In areas such as under-eye, it may also last for 1.5 to 2 years. Touch-ups or enhancements if any, are performed at 2 weeks.

How often do I need to repeat it?                                                                                                      Looking good, it a continuous process. Hence, many clients choose to top up the filler after 1-2 years or earlier when the effect reduces. However, it is not mandatory to use it indefinitely. If you discontinue after one session, the hollows will return to as they were, and would not worsen.

Cost                                                                                                                                                    Fillers are universally available as 1ml syringes. The cost of a Filler varies slightly from one country to another, based on import taxes. In India, 1ml Filler syringe would cost approximately between 18-24K INR. Most clinicians add a procedure cost to it,which maybe 20-40% of the cost price amount.

Related procedures

Filler injection is often combined with other non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botulinum toxin and Chemical peels.

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