Eyebrow aesthetics                                                                                                                            The eyebrow is an important component of the upper face, and contributes significantly to the facial appearance. Its shape, and soft tissue convexity gives it a younger look. There are several aspects of brow treatment, that would be discussed on this common page.

Eyebrow in a Male Vs a Female                                                                                                          The eyebrow is shaped differently in a male and female. Female eyebrows are higher, and arch outwards. A male eyebrow is more flat, and lower. Their concerns and cosmetic desires therefore are different, and so are the possible treatment options.

What are the treatment options available for the eyebrows?                                                          The eyebrows can be rejuvenated both non-surgically and surgically. There are three main treatments for the brow:                                                                                                                    1) Brow reshaping with Botulinum toxin                                                                                          2) Brow volumization with Fillers or Fat                                                                                          3) Brow-lift surgery

Brow re-shaping with Botulinum toxin                                                                                               The shape of the brow can be altered by relaxing specific muscles. A flat eyebrow for example can be made to arch out by raising

its tail end. The result is subtle, yet appreciable, especially in female brows.                        

Brow volumization with Fillers or Fat                                                                                                As we age, the natural fullness of the eyebrow fat can reduce, making it look deflated or hollow. This in turn leads to the appearance of excess skin in the upper eyelid, and patients often are advised blepharoplasty. A deflated brow simply needs a filler, to volumize the brow and make it more convex and youthful.   

Brow-lift surgery                                                                                                                                A browlift (forehead lift) refixes the eyebrows to a higher position on the forehead, thereby smoothens the forehead. It corrects the effects of aging such as brow droop, which can partly contribute to heavy eyelids. A browlift does not change the quality of the skin itself, it only redrapes the forehead to give younger contours to the brow.       

Brow-lift surgery can be performed for two main reasons: some patients choose it merely to improve the 'heavy' feeling in the eyelid-brow region. These patients usually feel better when they manually lift their forehead up with their hands, and want the same effect surgically. Others want a higher, more arched eyebrow, and choose it purely for cosmetic reasons.

Rarely, patients with a facial paralysis benefit by a brow lift surgery to mechanically lift their droopy brow. Very occasionally, brow-lift is added as a component of myectomy surgery performed in patients with Blepharospasm.                                      

There are several ways to perform a browlift surgery. A direct brow-lift is the easiest and simplest method, albeit with a visible scar just above the brow. Other options to hide the incision  include choosing one of the forehead lines as an incision (mid-forehead brow lift), or just at the hairline (pre-trichial incision). Pre-trichial incisions are best suited for those who have a large vertical forehead height. The most popular brow-lift is endoscopic, where the incisons are hidden within the scalp. Irrespective of the incision, the forehead skin, fat, and muscle are  re-draped for a more youthful-appearance. Often times, fat is added to the brow to give it a convex and fuller contours.   Extra care is taken in suturing the incision to minimize the scar, rendering it virtually invisible after the initial healing period.                                          Brow-lift surgery is performed on an in-patient basis under local anaesthesia (with sedation) or general anaesthesia, and usually takes 1-2 hours. Stitches are removed in 10 to 14 days. Most patients return to work after 2 weeks.

What is the right age to consider Brow rejuvenation?                                                                      Reshaping of the brow with Botulinum toxin can be done at any age for someone who wants to have a more arched eyebrow. Fillers and surgical correction usually begins at age 45 and over, however it may be performed as early as the 30's depending on the patient's needs.

What should be avoided?                                                                                                                  Well, you may find several videos on youtube suggesting 'face-yoga' to lift your eyebrows, or even eyelids. These techniques are not only un-scientific, but can over stretch and loosen your facial soft tissues. Excessive massaging around the eyes is known to cause eyelid droop. These methods are best avoided.